Hours of Operation

We are happy to announce our re-opening in April 2019 after Hurricane Michael forced our closure last October. This is our 20th year of business and we hope you'll come back to help us celebrate!

Our "Happy Hours" will be from 9AM to 5PM, Tuesday through Saturday. We will be closed on Sunday and Monday to walk-in rentals, however, we will still schedule guided trips and delivery/pickup services on our days of rest.

We may extend our hours after Memorial Day for the summer peak season, and will let you know.

Walk-ins are welcome during our hours of operation, however, reservations are recommended during Spring Break and the summer peak season so we can serve you better.

OTHER CLOSURES THIS YEAR: Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.


Note that we are on Eastern Time; while Mexico Beach to the west and north Gulf County is on Central Time. Your cell phone may pick up either time zone, so we recommend that you wear a watch or use New York time on your world clock.